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Rental Cars are the best way of travelling around Phuket. Because it's cheap and effective make you enjoy to your freedom. However, driving in Phuket is a different, and you must known about the Thai traffic regulations and signs.

Most drivers are well mannered, almost polite. But the traffic is rather busy in and around Phuket. So, you must be careful and  respect a rules in driving.


A traffic regulations and rules:

-Traffic in Thailand drives on the left side of the road.

- Drivers must be carry their driving license and International driving licenses are accepted in Thai.

- Every vehicle must display a tax sticker.

- Every vehicle must have the government compulsory third party insurance.

- Drivers must wear a seatbelt in the front of the car. If not you will paid in fine at the local police station.

- Drink driving laws apply – the limit for blood/alcohol is 0.5mg.

- Always be polite and respectful to other drivers.

Road signs :

- Warning signs



-Regulatory signs



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Important Traffic Rules and Signs when Driving Rental Cars

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